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MBA Annual Celebration October 22nd

Sep 07, 2023


Our 139th Annual Celebration takes place on Sunday, October 22nd beginning at 6:00 p.m. at Trinity Baptist Church1600 SE 58th Ave, Ocala, FL 34480. The annual celebration is a time for us to get together as a family of churches and give thanks to God for what He is done in our churches in the past year.  

It is also time to hear reports, vote on important items of business and to elect our associational leaders for the coming year. Each church needs to choose their messengers and register them before the start of the meeting (see below). Please make sure that your church registers all of your messengers at

From MBA Bylaws Article VI:

The Association in regular or called session shall be composed of all Messengers duly elected and certified in writing by their respective churches. The Association-in-Session shall have ultimate authority in the Association. Churches are requested to send their list of elected Messengers to the Clerk prior to the meetings. In order to vote in these meetings, Messengers must register with the Clerk before the point at which Messengers are to be approved. Each church shall be entitled to a minimum of three (3) messengers and two (2) additional messengers for every twenty-five (25) resident members over the first fifty (SO) members except that no church shall be entitled to more than fifteen (15) messengers. (Example: 75 resident members entitles 5 messengers, 100 resident members entitles 7 messengers, 125 resident members entitles 9 messengers, etc. with a maximum of 15 messengers from any given church).

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