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Perspectives Class Ocala

Developing Healthy Churches Through Advanced Discipleship

discipleship missionary resources Oct 01, 2022

Our MBA staff focuses on three main priorities for our association of churches: centrality of the Gospel, collaboration among local churches, and church health.  The Perspectives Course is a missional training opportunity that fits with each of these priorities. 

Perspectives is an advanced level discipleship course that helps to prepare Christians to function as missionaries to their culture.  It is a fifteen week in-person education course that examines the story of God fulfilling His promises from four vantage points - Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic. 

We will be hosting the Spring 2023 semester of Perspectives at the MBA Missionary Resource Center in Ocala.  Classes wlll take place on Monday eventings Starting at 6 pm on January 9th Members of MBA churches can attend the orientation session (1/9) Lesson 1 (1/16 and Lesson 2 (1/23) for free. You can also download the first two lesson's study guides, articles and videos at no charge using the links below. This is the best way of discovering whether or not Perspectives is for you. 

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