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 Serving Our Community for 140 Years

Marion baptist Association member churches demonstrate their love for God and people through the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The word "gospel" simply means "good news". The good news is that God came to earth in the form of a human person, named Jesus Christ. Jesus lived among us, was tempted by satan, crucified on on the cross and arose from the dead after three days in the tomb. He ascended into Heaven and will return to earth. By dying on the cross, he paid for our sin so that we can receive forgiveness and be redeemed by God. To find out more about how to receive salvation through Jesus Christ, click the button above to contact a church near you.

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If you are a part of an MBA member church or if you want to share how a church has impacted your life, please share your story with us. 

New Christian School in East Marion County

Ocklawaha Bridge Baptist Church in Silver Springs opened a new middle school in 2021 and is expanding in 2022-2023. David Moore, a writer for Florida Baptist Witness recently published an article about the school and it's impact on the community. 

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Transforming Lives, Strengthening Communities


At the heart of the Marion Baptist Association, our mission transcends beyond the walls of our churches. United by a profound love for God and a commitment to serve people, our member churches are beacons of hope, illuminating the path to spiritual fulfillment through the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel, or the "good news," is the cornerstone of our faith – a testament to God's boundless love, exemplified through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This message of redemption and forgiveness is the foundation upon which we build our community outreach and support.


Our Impact: A Testament to Faith in Action


The Marion Baptist Association is more than a network of churches; we are a community united in action and purpose. Our impact on the local community is a reflection of our commitment to embody the teachings of Christ through tangible acts of love and support:

Spiritual Guidance and Support:

We offer a sanctuary for spiritual growth, providing guidance and support to those seeking to deepen their faith and understanding of God's word.

Community Outreach Programs:

Our churches are actively involved in addressing the immediate needs of our community, from providing essential food and clothing to those in dire need, to offering counseling services that heal and uplift.

Educational Initiatives:

Recognizing the power of education to transform lives, we engage in tutoring and mentoring programs designed to support local students, fostering an environment where every child can achieve their full potential.

Community Events:

We believe in the strength of community. Through organizing and participating in local events, we create spaces for fellowship, celebration, and shared faith, enriching the social fabric of our community.

Join Us in Making a Difference


The journey of faith is one we embark on together, and there is a place for everyone within the Marion Baptist Association. Whether you're seeking spiritual nourishment, looking to deepen your faith, or eager to make a positive impact in your community, we welcome you with open arms.

To learn more about how you can experience salvation through Jesus Christ and become a part of our vibrant community, we invite you to reach out. Click here to contact a church near you and discover how you can contribute to our mission of transforming lives and strengthening our community.


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Community Impact 

Local churches provide essential services to our North Central Florida communities. Here are just a few examples:

  • Food and clothing distribution
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Grief share
  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Recovery care
  • Community partnerships
  • Leadership development
  • Mental wellness
  • Schools and pre-schools
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