Become a Multiplying Church Leader

 Disciples of Jesus obey the commands of Jesus. This course will help you to learn to share the Gospel of Jesus; disciple new believers while training them to disciple others; plant multiplying churches; become a church planting movement leader and coach other movement leaders. 

Course Outline:

  1. Disciples Making Disciples (DMD) Level 1
  2. DMD Level 2
  3. Discovering the Bible
  4. Communicating the Bible
  5. The Book of Acts & Church Planting Movements
  6. Old Testament 1
  7. Old Testament 2
  8. New Testament Gospels
  9. The Heart of the Disciple Making Church Planter (Pastoral Epistles)
  10. New Testament General Letters
  11. Major Bible Doctrines
  12. Apologetics-Church History-Spiritual Warfare