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The Power of DISC + Solid Biblical Principles The Biblical DISC® Assessment combines the power of the most widely used behavioral assessment tool – the DISC model of human behavior – with solid Biblical truths. 

Discover your unique behavioral gifts and how God can use them to help you lead more effectively!

Upon completing the assessment, you will receive a detailed report with insights and tips to help you better understand your unique strengths and challenges as a leader. 

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Coaches, Pastors, and Professional Managers

Many of the world’s top coaches, trainers and counselors rely on assessments to ensure positive outcomes in the areas of leadership development, team building, relationship building, communication & collaboration and conflict resolution. Assessments work by providing individuals a road map of their behavioral strengths. Knowing our unique behavioral style and motivators is key to healthy relationships and organizational success. Why do Life Coaches, Pastors, Counselors, HR Professionals and Managers flock to Biblical DISC?  Because they know how powerful self-assessment tools are in developing positive relationships among couples, families and work mates. The Biblical DISC® Assessment blends the knowledge from Scripture and the DISC Model of Human Behavior to provide individuals:

  • their personal road map to understanding their God-given behavioral style
  • clarity and newfound understanding to otherwise contrasting behavioral styles
  • tools to repair broken relationships
  • strategies for effective communication among family, friends and co-workers with different styles 
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You can request Classic or Biblical DISC training events for your church or organization through the Marion Baptist Association in Ocala, FL. Training events are interactive and are available in one-day and half-day formats. However, we can customize training to fit your needs.  DISC is a tool to help you to build stronger teams, enhance your relationship strategies, and to create a more effective culture in your church or organization. 

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