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Video Replay: Introduction to Biblical Counseling

counseling Mar 07, 2024

Here is the video replay of our March, 2024 Lunch and Learn with Pastor Mike DeGuzman at the Marion Baptist Association Missionary Resource center in Ocala, FL. 

What's the best way to live out your faith in a way that not only transforms your life but those around you?

In this impactful video, we dive deep into the essence of 'Execution of Scriptures,' emphasizing the crucial step of applying biblical principles to our daily challenges. Discover how moving beyond understanding to action can foster significant spiritual growth and resilience.

Hear about the profound importance of 'Caring for Souls,' where we explore the commitment needed to guide individuals on their spiritual journey, offering hope and lasting change through God's word. This segment highlights the transformative power of patience and dedicated mentorship.

We also address 'Lasting Change,' focusing on the transformative experience that stems from deep, internal work facilitated by God's grace. Learn about the journey of change that is profound, permanent, and divinely inspired.

'Shepherding God's People' is identified as the paramount task, emphasizing the dedication to guiding and protecting the spiritual well-being of others with care, diligence, and faithfulness.

Our 'Counseling Sessions' segment provides a glimpse into the structured, thoughtful approach adopted in spiritual counseling, ensuring individuals receive the time and attention they need for their journey.

Lastly, the 'Marriage Conference' section addresses the significant impact of relationship health on individuals' spiritual lives, offering guidance on the primary elements in marital counseling.

Join us as we explore these powerful themes, designed to inspire, guide, and transform. Let's embark on this journey together, fostering spiritual growth, resilience, and lasting change.

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