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Why We Need Micro Churches

church planting church planting movements disciple discipleship May 31, 2023

Here is the recording of my interview with Dr. David Nelms, Founder and President of The Timothy Initiative.  In this video, we talk about the need for Micro Churches to reach people who are currently being missed by Legacy Churches.  We are offering free TTI training through our website. You can join us live each Wednesday at 3:00 PM Eastern or come back at any time and watch the video replay.  Go to to sign up for the online course. 

Micro churches start out small and multiply quickly. They can meet virtually anywhere and they typically have unpaid leaders. In reality it costs absolutely nothing to start a micro church. On the other hand, it can cost ¼ to ½ million dollars to start a legacy church where paid staff and rented facilities are needed.

Legacy churches are currently reaching less than 20% of the American population. If we could increase that to 50%, that would leave half of our population without a local expression of church that they are willing to attend. 

Tony and Felicity Dale compare micro churches to rabbits, they start small and multiply quickly. The gestation period for rabbits is approximately three months while the gestation period for elephants is 18-22 months. Two elephants can multiply to 4 elephants in about four years. Two rabbits can multiply to nearly four million rabbits in that same four year period.

To learn more about how to make disciples who, make disciples, who make disciples that plant churches, that plant churches, that plant churches sign up for our free online Church Planting Movement Leader course

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